Final Reflection

Recent studies have found that the average adult consumes two and a half hours of media per day. Media includes everything from using the internet, to watching television, to playing a video game, to even reading this blog post. In an age where screens are constantly inches from our fingertips, we are consuming media almost… Continue reading Final Reflection

Civic Imagination Within The Marvel Cinematic Universe

As of August 2021, the Marvel cinematic universe, which has been expertly crafted by Disney studios, is now the biggest film franchise of all time. Starting with the first Iron Man film released back in the Summer of 2008, the entire franchise is now worth an estimated 23 billion US dollars. The films are adored… Continue reading Civic Imagination Within The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Book Banning

According to Harvey J Graff, a literary historian, in his article, The History of Book Banning, he describes book banning as originally coming from early Roman-Catholic Counter-Reformation when they attempted to control what the general public was reading and writing. Of course, as we still see today, when information is banned the more it is… Continue reading Book Banning

Fact Check – Omicron Variant and Children

Since the beginning of Covid in late 2019/early 2020, misinformation and disinformation have spread quicker than the virus itself. Deepfakes are becoming more and more common and the average internet “troll” can easily photo edit their false claim Twitter post to look like it came directly from your favorite trusted news site. And as with… Continue reading Fact Check – Omicron Variant and Children

Net Neutrality

My father, who is now in his fifties, is one of the smartest people I know. He is a dedicated computer scientist, on any given day you can see him working on four different monitors, and worked on one of the first cell phones to be commercially produced. He is a man of science and… Continue reading Net Neutrality

Hi! I’m Hannah Memory.

Hello! My name is Hannah Memory and I currently live in Nottingham, England. I am originally from the state of Utah but I moved to Nottingham back in 2019 to live with my husband, Alex. I am pursuing my degree in English and also getting a minor in Media Analysis. I am passionate about reading… Continue reading Hi! I’m Hannah Memory.