24 Hour Media Consumption Journal

9:30 AM – Due to having a later shift on this day I was able to sleep in until 9:30 AM. As normal, after waking up to the alarm on my phone I start flicking through social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail. Instagram is my favorite app and by far the one I spend the most time on. I don’t get many targeted ads on Twitter but I do get a targeted newsfeed. I have noticed while my husband, who is a huge European football fan, spends most of his time looking at sports news his trending newsfeed features articles about sports. My trending newsfeed mainly features the hottest political topics as well as entertainment news such as who has been cast in a new Marvel film. Honestly, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I am not familiar with Gmail’s privacy policy. I started using Gmail at the age of 12 and haven’t looked back because my personal email has become too important in my life. I will discuss Instagram later in this post.

10:30 AM – I do some homework before going to work and this piece of homework requires watching a video on Youtube. Similar to my Gmail account, I have had my Youtube account for over a decade and have never really considered the privacy agreement. Because I watch a lot of book-related content on Youtube most of my suggested videos have to do with other book-related creators. I also assume due to this interest is why I often find targeted ads for the latest Amazon bestseller. As well as using Youtube I also use Discord to chat with friends and again I check Instagram.

11:00 AM – Not much has changed from 10:30 AM. I still continue to use Youtube for homework and after completing the homework assignment I use it to watch my own personal videos while I do my makeup for work. Doing my makeup while watching Youtube is almost as essential to my morning as drinking coffee at this point. It is a daily habit and one that I enjoy.

11:30 AM – While finishing getting ready for work I listen to one of my playlists on Spotify. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about Spotify because I pay for Premium and don’t get ads. Spotify does release a weekly personal playlist full of songs they think each individual will like but I’ve never been a fan of these playlists. Perhaps because I don’t use Spotify very often it is one of the apps that doesn’t quite know how to target my likes and interests as well as other ones. Perhaps that is naive thinking.

12:00 PM – 5 PM – I am at work at this time and am not using any form of social content or media.

5 PM – This is my lunch break and although I briefly check my texts, Instagram, and Gmail, I spend most of my lunch break talking to my co-workers.

5:30 PM – 9:30 PM – The rest of my shift is in this time period and I am once again not able to check social content or use any form of media.

10:00 PM – Now let’s talk about my relationship with Instagram. Besides texting apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and occasionally Snapchat, Instagram is by far and large the app I use the most and I can tell. I can tell because the ads are the most targeted towards me. Sometimes this freaks me out and it can feel personal and like strangers have a microscope on me, and sometimes I will admit that the ads work and I enjoy these targeted ads because they help me find a dress I’m looking for or a new independent Etsy story I can support. However, I am under no delusion that Facebook or Instagram are trying to get me to support a small Indie shop on Etsy. I think I try to justify to myself that I’m more okay with these ads than I actually am because perhaps some good can come out of them.

In Conclusion – Will I stop using my favorite social media apps? Although I wish I could be strong and independent I’d be lying if I said yes. I live 5000 miles away from my family and childhood friends and I enjoy interacting with them through social media even if the more we interact the less privacy we have. I like to think that I don’t use a lot of social media as a lot of other people my age and although I in absolutely no way think that makes me better than anyone else, perhaps because I don’t use TikTok or have an Alexa or Echo I have just a little bit more privacy.

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