Hi! I’m Hannah Memory.

Hello! My name is Hannah Memory and I currently live in Nottingham, England. I am originally from the state of Utah but I moved to Nottingham back in 2019 to live with my husband, Alex.

I am pursuing my degree in English and also getting a minor in Media Analysis. I am passionate about reading and writing as well as learning about how media is constantly changing the world around us; now so more than ever.

I chose to take MCO 425 because it was one of the elective courses I am required to take for my minor that interested me the most.

I am very excited to learn more about WordPress and different ways to use it as I have just started a freelance writing job that relies on WordPress. I have always wanted to learn how to run a blog so taking this course is like killing two birds with one stone; I am fulfilling a course requirement as well as pursuing a hobby that interests me.

I do currently run a Bookstagram account where you can find examples of my photography as well as book reviews.

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